Prosum's personnel drew on experience in Municipal Engineering services for water distribution, storm sewer and sanitary sewer services, in a variety of conditions which included:
-shallow and deep open-cut excavation and tunnelling
-soils requiring de-watering and/or compressed air operations
-blasting operations

887-907 Woodbine Trench
Prosum's experience in Municipal Engineering included the Analysis and Design of:

Water Distribution Systems
-water services for industrial or residential developments
-analysis of existing water distribution systems for new and expanding developments

Sanitary Sewers
-existing system analysis with proposed changes, to increase capacities for expanding and evolving industrial, commercial and residential developments
-extension of existing systems to accommodate new or expanding developments

Storm Water Management & Storm Sewers
-analysis of pre-development flows, with discharge controls in new developments, curtaining increases in storm water discharge for post-development conditions
-storm water analysis of existing storm sewer systems experiencing flooding, with proposed solutions

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