160 Murray St Rooftop Aerial
The picture displayed is an aerial view of the roof of an existing building with equipment, shelters, antennae, cable trays and ducts from 4 different Telecom Carriers. It shows just how busy a rooftop can become with multiple carriers.

Prosum’s first exposure to the mobile phone industry was in 1989. Since that initial encounter, Prosum worked on the better part of 1000 projects for mobile phone companies, with a few hundred of those being installations on buildings. Because of our long and extensive involvement with the mobile phone industry, Prosum saw it grow from the few sites originally serving only the major urban centres and accessed by a very small percentage of the population, to the thousands of sites that exist today covering metropolitan and rural areas throughout Ontario and serving millions of users.
Visit our Telecom Picts page for examples of Prosum drawings & work carried out over a quarter of a century of service in the telecom sector.

As a result of our early entry into this sector, many of the details Prosum developed gained general use throughout the telecom sector, and became considered "industry standards". Check out our Industry Standards page for some examples.