Following are comments about Prosum's service from Clients, Contractors and Building Inspectors:

Executive VP of Design-Build Residential Renovation firm:
“Thank you for your great supervision and reporting. It has been a pleasure to work with you and your firm.”

Building Inspector for Major GTA City:
“Thank you for the very thorough and concise final report... The final review report has been added to our file and the permit is now considered closed. Thank you for your expedient attention to this matter.”

Real Estate Manager for Major Telecom Carrier:
“...having worked with you for almost 13 years, I can be sure that Prosum has consistently been among the best (if not the best) engineering consultants contracted by [our firm].  You have always operated with the highest degree of professionalism, diligence and accountability.
Owner of a Telecom Contractor:
Your work is impeccable and you are both by far the finest engineers I have had the pleasure to work with.”
Owner of a Crane Contractor Serving the Telecom sector:
When we see the Prosum stamp on a drawing we know we have dependable information to work with.”
Project Manager for Telecom Contractor:
“It was a pleasure working with you... you are a Professional.”
Project Manager for Telecom Contractor:
“… as always your quick responses are greatly appreciated.”
Project Manager for Consulting Engineering Firm in Telecom Sector:
“I couldn’t help notice that you are very good with people. Excellent people skills, as you certainly communicated well…”
Private Home Owner:
“As a client I must say that your style of working with contractors is a defining factor in my mind of a true professional.”
Manager of Implementation for Major Telecom Carrier:
“I consider your firm to be the best in the business.”
President & CEO of Developer:
“You have put out a lot of effort to make sure that [we] would have a chance to sell our project by the end of this year. You showed your personal concern for us, going far beyond an ordinary business involvement, and I am very grateful.”
Executive VP & CEO of Large Trust Company:
“It is comforting to see that in this day and age there are still professionals out there who are more concerned about ensuring the integrity of a project they have been involved in than the amount they will be paid for doing it.”

Following are comments about the efforts of Prosum's personnel at Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO):
Chair of PEO's Discipline Committee:
“You have provided more than six and a half years of active and unstinted service to the Discipline Committee for which the DIC and the PEO are grateful… thank you for your yeoman’s service and valuable contribution to the PEO.”
President of PEO:
“It is anticipated that the Ontario Government will soon approve changes to the Professional Engineers Act and Regulation 941 to implement the approved recommendation of the Admissions, Complaints, Discipline and Enforcement Task Force. On behalf of the current members of Council, Past President, and members of the PEO’s 1998-99 Council, please allow me to take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution to this achievement.”